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A Cold Case Mystery WPO (Nov. 2016)

"Why Didn't Meriwether Lewis's Two Best Friends, Thomas Jefferson and William Clark Investigate His Death?"(Article in We Proceeded On, the journal of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Nov. 2016)

Fifty Documents and bio mktg sheet, Dec. 2017 This is the marketing sheet that goes out with advance review copies of the book. It includes a short background of my interest in Lewis and Clark and the early history of our country.

russell-to-jefferson-1-4-10  Captain Gilbert C. Russell's first letter to Thomas Jefferson and enclosed memorandum signed by Russell and Lewis on September 28, 1809.

russell-to-jefferson-1-31-10 Captain Gilbert C. Russell's second letter to Thomas Jefferson

gilbert-russell-statement-11-26-11 The false document created during General Wilkinson's court martial. Certified as a forgery by two document experts. ( see their Testimony in The Death of Meriwether Lewis: A Historic Crime Scene Investigation)

Meriwether Lewis book review WPO Feb 2016  Book Review by Dr. John Guice, We Proceeded On, Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, February, 2016.

Omaha World Herald article 7-11-2015, Book Review by David Hendee and news story about Bookworm independent bookstore talk on July 12, 2015

Why I Believe Meriwether Lewis Was Assassinated  History News Network feature article, June 28-29, 2015

The Assassination of an American Hero and the Silver Mines of Mexico